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Everything that we do is underpinned by our values—to create beautiful products that bring our customers joy and the very best in quality. Every candle has been created with love and care, to make sure its something that we love and would genuinely buy ourselves.

Our candles create a calm and cosy ambience filling the room with sumptuous fragrance. Each and every artisan candle is expertly hand poured with perfectly balanced fragrance and a coconut and rapeseed wax. Our wicks are made from unbleached cotton, interwoven with linen thread. Every fragrance is rigorously tested so that every ambustum candle is at its best. This results in a long lasting, clean burn that sets us apart from the crowd.

Sourcing materials and perfecting our candles

The first step in creating our candles ready for your home, is researching and testing the fragrances and wax which make up the final product. Our premium fragrance oils are cruelty free, paraben and phthalate free and each candle goes through weeks of testing to make sure it performs at its best.

Prep and wicking

Before we are ready to start pouring candles, we prep our vessels by hand placing each wick and heat the wax to the exact temperature that allows the fragrance to properly bind together.


Precisely measured wax and fragrance are mixed together and the wax is cooled before being hand poured into our vessels. We use both single and double pouring methods depending on the time of year to get that perfect finish on your candle avoiding the need to remelt the surface and risk losing any fragrance.

Finish and packaging

Once the candles have set, we trim the wicks and label while doing a final quality control check. Our boxes help protect the candles until they reach their final destination and cure until they are ready for use.

Our Candles


Handpoured in London

Each candle is hand poured, labeled and packaged in our London studio


Extra long burntimes

The low melting point of our Coconut wax blend ensures a long burn time


Clean burning

Extensive testing and our experience in candle making means that our candle burn cleanly



Premium, high quality fragrance oils provide excellent cold and hot throw, filling the room with sumptuous scent


One tree planted for every order

We have partnered with Ecologi to plant one tree for every order


Poured in small batches

Our candles are not mass produced in a factory and making them in small batches allows us to maintain quality

Black Pomegranate Candle
Black Pomegranate Candle

Black Pomegranate Candle

Black Pomegranate Candle Tin
Black Pomegranate Candle Tin

Black Pomegranate Candle Tin