Candle Season is Here!

It's the first week of September, and my social media feeds have been flooded with images of ecstatic small business owners enjoying their first quiet moments in weeks after a busy summer. Meanwhile, I've started to take delivery of a small mountain of candle-making supplies. Can you ever have enough candles?


At the time of writing, it's also around 31 degrees, and the thought of wrapping up in cozy jumpers and lighting candles at home does feel a little silly, but I know it won't be long until I'll be extremely busy in the studio. I'm also feeling a tiny bit apprehensive about unloading several hundred kilos of materials each day in this heat because honestly, who needs that on a hot day?


So why start a blog now, when I'm about to spend every waking hour making candles? In truth, about three years ago, before I launched, I told myself I would definitely start a blog (but didn't 😊). Then, two years ago, I spent HOURS writing a really great post on different types of wax, and after my laptop died, I realised I hadn't saved it. I couldn't face writing it again and told myself to come back to it when I had time. Sadly for my blog, this pretty incredible thing happened where I ended up so busy I never found the perfect time to start.


I have been working so hard in the background to get myself in the best position possible for the busiest time of my year, and the stars seemed to have aligned. So here I am actually blogging, and assuming you are reading this, I've actually published it too! There are so many different things I need to tell you all about in the coming months, and so many things I've covered lots on Instagram stories but never really saved, so there is plenty to come. If there are any topics you want me to cover, I would love to hear from you. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy seeing a slightly different side of my small business.


I have always been a fan of accepting that 'done is better than perfect,' so here we are... First blog post done!

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