8 Reasons to Shop the Super Seconds Festival

Do you need a reason?

If you haven’t come across the Super Second Festival before, you are in for a real treat! There are 250 indie makers and artists involved and although you shouldn't need a reason to shop with us, here a list of my favourite reason to support us!

1. You are directly supporting small businesses and talented makers

This is my favourite reason. Now more than ever small businesses need your support and a lot of the crafts and skills required really deserve your hard earnt money to keep them going. Ok so we don’t offer prime delivery, but we have much more personality than the big boys.

2. Some of the items are truly one of a kind

There will be so many one off creations that either cant be recreated or were a one of mishap as part of the making process. Your Super Seconds purchases will be truly unique and finding items that resonate with you can help you feel more authentic and aligned with your sense of self.

3. High quality products for a huge discount

Just because these are seconds, doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t still really high quality. Makers will describe the imperfections in their listings so it wont be a complete surprised when it arrives, but the imperfections are nearly always pretty minor. Quite often there is nothing wrong with them at all but were made as samples. The best bit? You can get these beautiful and unique items for up to 75% off.

4. 250 independent makers under one (virtual) roof

Seconds are an unavoidable part of running a creative maker business. Usually, these type of products would be sold for bargain price at in an person market, but the Super Seconds festival gives you a chance to do that virtually from the comfort of your own home over a whole weekend. There is no other sale like it in the UK.

5. It is really good for the environment

Most of the makers taking part have hung on to these items as they aren’t good enough to sell for full price, but we hate waste. Why throw away things that are perfectly good? Small businesses are already a kinder footprint on the planet, but these items get an extra

6. Christmas shopping done early

Every year I vow to get Christmas shopping done early, and the Super Seconds Festival can really let you get ahead of the game. There is such a wide variety of products on off from homeware and accessories to ceramics and stationary that you are sure to find some great gifts for your loved ones or *cough* yourself.

7. It costs us the same to make an item imperfectly as it does the perfect ones

It takes the same amount of money, time and energy to make products that don’t go 100 percent to plan as it does to make the products we sell all year round. This is one of the reasons you'll be able to get such a good discount on so many items. Having spare products to hand wont help us grow our businesses and with Christmas around the corner, its so helpful for us to give you a bargain for that things that need a loving home. 

8. Boost your dopamine levels

Maybe this reason should have been first on the list, but I think I’ve saved the best to last. What could be more moot boosting than process of exploring the 250 makers, browsing products and discovering new items? There is a real sense of achievement from finding the items that bring you the most joy and it really is a bit of a novelty experience as you may never find these products again. This is self care at is best. Finding those special items is a great way to give yourself an a rewarding dopamine boost, and its even better when all your goodies arrive!

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